Laser Measuring and Levelling Devices

Laser and Measuring Devices

Introducing the Imex range

GC Trade Supplies is Suffolk’s leading supplier of tools and fixings.  In 2020 we partnered with Measure-Quip to bring our customers their full Imex laser level and measuring devices.  Established in 2006 Imex is the market-leading manufacture of laser measuring equipment and is recognised as a specialist in the construction sector.

To compliment our range of laser levelling and measuring instruments
we also offer a full trade range of professional spirit levels, digital levels,
measuring tapes, measuring wheels and measuring accessories.

GC Trade Supplies now offers a complete range suitable for a vast range of tasks.

We now offer the following:

  • Pipe Lasers
  • Rotating Lasers
  • Tripods, Staffs and Accessories
  • Optical Levels
  • Machine and Rotary Receivers
  • Line Laser Range and Accessories
  • Digital & Spirit Levels
  • Measuring Devices

You can download the full catalogue by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.  Or visit  Measure-Quips website for more details.

Pipe Laser

The Imex pipe/drainage lasers have a wireless remote setting, auto tracking and will fit into a 100mm pipe. With interchangeable feet for a variety of pipe sizes, a huge -20% to +30% grade and fully submersible IP68 rating.

The new IPL3T pipe laser series has been specifically designed for all your pipework/ drainage tasks. With a compact profile and hands-free radio control, the IPL3T and receiver is functional in pipes
as small as 100mm.

· Auto track-on grade
· Radio remote controlled
· Removable battery (can be charged outside of tool)
· Interchangeable feet – 150mm – 300mm
· 100mm profile
· 5 Year warranty

Laser Measuring Devices

Rotating Laser Range

Laser Measuring Devices

GC Trade Supplies Ltd offers Imtec rotating laser levels.  They are highly accurate and very simple to operate.  Featuring dial in dual grade, vertical alignment a huge 500m dia range, rubber sheath protection and heavy duty lighthouse cover for superior shock proofing and weatherproofing. 

The 99DG is the leader in value for everyday laser levelling with all the functions you are ever likely to need.  For our full range please download our catalogue from the button at the bottom of the page.

GC Trade Supplies Ltd also offers a full range of accessories for the Rotating Laser including :

  • Tripods
  • Measuring Staffs
  • Mounts & Brackets
  • Laser Enhancement Glasses


Optical Level Range

GC trade Supplies Ltd Imex Professional automatic optical levels are built for the construction site and general survey tasks.

The magnetic compensator gives greater levelling stability, they are quick to set up and easy to use. Generally they are used with a dome top tripod for greater flexibility.

Laser Measuring Devices

Download the full catalogue

Click the button opposite to download a copy of the full catalogue for the GC trade Supplies Imex range.

For pricing, help selecting the right tool or information on these or any other products from the GC Trade Supplies Ltd range please feel free to contact us.